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Aquatic Therapy

Proactive Physical Therapy offers Aquatic Therapy through all our locations. For driving instructions, see the maps below.

Aquatic therapy is a type of physical therapy that involves performing exercises in the water. Aquatic therapy is especially beneficial for people who have difficulty with weight bearing activities due to arthritis, recent fracture, sprains, or weight issues.

Exercising in the water provides several benefits in comparison to exercise on land. First, buoyancy of the water provides an unloading of the weight bearing joints of the spine, knees and hips. Water also provides assistance and resistance while exercising so that one can progress through various levels of activity while increasing strength. Initially, exercises can be performed in the direction of assistance. When strength progresses, the exercise can be modified to occur in a non resistant pattern, and finally against the resistance of the water, a unique feature that is difficult to achieve while exercising on land.

Pool Location in Carlsbad

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Pool Location at 4S Ranch/Rancho Bernardo

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Pool Location in Carmel Valley

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